Gill and I

John Gill Interview 2013:   BHB: Thank you for taking time to do this interview! JG: Of Course! BHB: Do you remember how you found and what intrigued you about the Scab? JG: I was wandering down the hill from the Needles Eye one day with my first wife, probably looking for rasberries, when i […]

The Canyon Always Provides

Over the years I have heard a rumor that there was some good bouldering to be done in Spearfish Canyon. As with most climbers the information was unreliable and I wasn’t about to go hike out to find nothing. I spaced it off and continued on with other areas. Fast forward present day, I stumbled […]

American Outlaw Boulders

Confirmation Report: I have been out to the American Outlaw boulders a handful of times now. Mainly due to its close proximity to my work place. It offers good quality rock with about 15 established problems. Luke Kretchmar and Heath Lille first found and developed the area. 2 future projects exist that are of high […]

Hope and Change

Again a lot of people have been asking about the ” Emancipation Project.” I first looked at this project about a year ago and worked it a bit before being shut down and putting it on the shelf to come back to. This year local climber Chris Hirsch asked about the project and I was […]