Hope and Change

Again a lot of people have been asking about the ” Emancipation Project.” I first looked at this project about a year ago and worked it a bit before being shut down and putting it on the shelf to come back to. This year local climber Chris Hirsch asked about the project and I was psyched and told him to get after it. After a couple of weeks waiting around to see if any news of a send had happened I was left with nothing. Finally on Tuesday Chris confirmed He and Aaron Stetzer had climbed this beautiful thin crack line and named it, ” Hope and Change V8.” A lot of clean up and hard work by both Climbers Make this a new area classic and one that no climber should shy away from.

I had the chance to also discuss some of the new development in the Oval office with Chris. I can’t stress enough how great its been having people share information for the Black Hills Bouldering Guide. I had the chance via Chris to sample some of local strong climber Braden Herbst’s new problems in the Office. All of which are proud lines and should see more traffic in the coming future. I had the chance to also clean and climb some new stuff. One is a possible V7 that is short and stout on the back of the last boulder in the gully. The other ones were in a newer area being developed called, ” The Situation Room.” some decent potential here and some scary futuristic highball lines. In my opinion its a pretty magical place and rarely visited. The first problem back here was a problem I did a few years back called, ” Flip-Adelphia V5” and the Highball slab problem, ” “That’s Politics Bitch V3/4” highball with the crux at the last move 20 plus feet off the ground. “The Great Recession V4″ climbs out of the cave and is another fun warm up.

Thanks again for everyone helping out! I won’t always be posting updates on climbs but lately the development is just too good not to. Thanks for the support and I hope the guide will be out soon!

One thought on “Hope and Change

  1. Stetzer should certainly get some credit too. I worked a lot on fixing the landing. But it was a joint effort to figure out the beta and he actually sent it right before me. And he named it.


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