American Outlaw Boulders

Confirmation Report:

I have been out to the American Outlaw boulders a handful of times now. Mainly due to its close proximity to my work place. It offers good quality rock with about 15 established problems. Luke Kretchmar and Heath Lille first found and developed the area. 2 future projects exist that are of high quality and should NOT be overlooked. Double digits for sure on one possibly both. The hardest problem established is the Stand Start for Tessarete V8/9? One of the more pure lines in the are. This problem will offer a great pump to even the seasoned climber. The SDS to this problem is very obvious and will make it one of the hardest and classic arĂªtes in the Hills. This problems are nice because they are roadside and take less than 2 minutes to get to. Great flat bare landings and some highball potential make this a place any climber in the area should visit once. MINI Guide is in the works and will be added in the coming days.

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