The Canyon Always Provides

Jami Coin attempts one of the many hard contrived project

Over the years I have heard a rumor that there was some good bouldering to be done in Spearfish Canyon. As with most climbers the information was unreliable and I wasn’t about to go hike out to find nothing. I spaced it off and continued on with other areas. Fast forward present day, I stumbled across some photos on social media. What I saw blew my mind away. Was this even the same canyon? The quality didn’t look like typical limestone boulders you come across in the Hills. I contacted a few of the developers for a tour. After finding where to park and the path it is a simple up hill hike that takes about 5-10 minutes till you hit the boulders and they are everywhere!

I quickly find the crew in a beautiful surreal field of stacked limestone boulders all good quality. Projects everywhere and lots of established problems going in daily. We start on a couple of warm ups that in my opinion were all 3 star with great quality stone. This place has everything from short easy-hard problems to highball easy-hard problems and projects. We check out some of the projects. They are all amazing and with a little work will get sent soon adding new classics to the Hills. Like they say,” the Canyon Always Provides.” More coming soon…..

John Andersen warms up on a fun tall V2
Mikel Cronin crimps hard and eyes the next crimp on this beautiful crimp ladder project.
John Andersen Pulls the hard first 2 moves of this steep slopey line.’


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