Emancipation Boulders


The Emancipation Boulders host some of the best roadside granite bouldering in the Black Hills. Easy access and a short hike you can spend a day bouldering these roadside gems. Expect great problems in the V5 range here some being right next to the highway others you may have to walk a whole 5 minutes to get to. Room for potential still exists to the person willing to explore
The granite in this area is slightly different from other areas within Rushmore. Fine grain granite makes these boulders clean and hand and finger friendly.  Most boulders in this area are either roadside of up the valley from the road. If you follow the old trail heading East through the valley you will encounter most of the established problems.  The other area is the giant jumble of rocks to climbers right and up the hill from the parking. Josh Dreher did majority of the developing in this area despite classics being in plain sight. A couple old school problems exist that were likely done in the 1980s by Brent Kertzman. For how easy the access this area is you will often have it to yourself.

Emancipation overview