Atomic Boulder



The atomic boulder is a high quality boulder that sits up in the Emancipation jumble. A short hike will be worth it to try this boulder. Both Atomic Pinch (V9) and Atomic Decay (V7) are a must if visiting this area. This boulder sits up towards the top of the jumble of boulders to climbers right and up hill when parking. The best way to get to this boulder is to follow the dirt trail for a few feet from the parking area. After a few feet look for the Emancipation Wall trail to climbers right. Follow this as it follows the highway back slightly as you ascend up the hill. You should run right into the obvious boulder, ” Southern Oracle.” You should continue following the trail up until you run into a large massive black granite boulder. This Boulder is known as the, ” The Big Whigs Boulder.” Skirt the base of this to the left ( East) and continue ascending the dirt trail through the jumble of boulders. The trail should run you right below this amphitheater that holds Atomic Boulder.

To Access the topo for the whole area Click on the Emancipation Boulders Tab itself for a overview. 




Atomic Weiner V2*** 

Great warm up for this boulder a much better line to warm up on then Wind Is Key (V0). Great holds to a easy top out.

FA: Gary Carnes

Atomic Decay V7****

Amazing problem on beautiful granite! SDS and pull up and move along the slopers to the arête. From the arête make a huge move and hit the corner just right ( thumb) is how to make sure its good everytime according to the First Ascentionist.  Work the easy lip up to the tallest point. Don’t bail out left!

FA: Josh Dreher

Atomic Pinch V9****

Start low on sharp crimps. Work the overhung arête to its end and work a series of micro crimps to the mantle. Condition dependent!

FA: Josh Dreher