Father Time



The Father Time boulder is a good quality boulder that is midway up the trail. From the Emancipation parking pull off head East on the trail. After a 2 minute walk this is the sharp diamond looking boulder that touches the trail on its left side. It had one decent warm up V5 on it. In 2017 Josh Dreher returned to finish up some old projects. When we walked to this boulder I didn’t think much more could be done but he managed to add 2 really nice hard additions to it. Father Time (v10) and Dealership Low (v9) became candidates for the two hardest problems in the Emancipation area. Local Chris Hirsch is the only other known climber to complete this climb. This boulder should be on everyone’s list visiting the Emancipation Area.

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Father Time  V10***

Father time SDS on some pretty bad holds. Move up to the seam and from here establish feet and throw out to the lip. Make sure your “open-hand” is good because there isn’t much to grab. Look for a old scrubbed white circle on the lip. This is where you want to throw if you look close enough there is a few very micro crystals.  From here carefully move your right hand to the lip and traverse to the point. Throw your right hand around the corner to hit the good hold and mantle. Josh Dreher cleaned this in the early 2000s and came back in 2017 to finish it off.

FA: Josh Dreher

Dealership Low  V9***

Start the same as Father Time only once you get into the seam. Throw you right hand one more move in the seam. The way the Josh Dreher did it was throw a toe hook to the left arête. He followed by establishing that toe hook and then throwing his other toe and matching it. Then reaching right hand to the arête and finishing off Dealership V5.

FA: Josh Dreher


Dealership  V5**

Start in the seam but close to the arête. Do a move or two to the arête and then follow up the arête to the point. Hit the obvious good jug hold on the tip and mantle.

FA: Josh Dreher


Josh Dreher (left) Father Time FA.    (Right) The toe hook on the arête of Dealership Low V9.