Mini- Marker

Mini Marker is located at the base of Marker in the Emancipation Area.  This is a tall proud boulder that has good crack climbing. It gives you a nice exposed feeling well working beautiful cracks. The movement is so-so but the exposure makes it worth getting on.


Rain Fingers  V2

Start matched on the sloper seam and move out left onto the slab and finish on easy terrain. THIS PROBLEM HAD A HUGE HOLD BREAK OFF. 12/12/17. The other lip hold is going to go soon.

FA: Josh Dreher

Scallop Fingers V6/7

This problem could be harder or could be easier. This problem was burned a year or so ago and the rock crumbled a little bit. Which either made the holds better or worst. Have yet to reclimb it since the burn.  Powerful micro crimps and slopers bring you the end which ends you on big giant crystals to the top. ONLY SMALL PEOPLE SHOULD DO THIS PROBLEM OR YOUR BACK WILL HIT THE ROCK UNDERNEATH….

Crystal Fingers  V0*

Good warm up. Huge mondo crystals you could realistically choose your own path on this face and it would likely all be V0.





Slant Eyes  V3**

At one time this problem was a fun warm up for the area. A few years ago they had a huge slash pile ( see picture above) at the base. A year ago they burned the slash pile which burned the rock bad. So now the start is charred and the start broke a huge flake off. Could be easier or harder but its likely harder due to a awkward start. Someone needs to add the new start and soon! ALSO someone NEEDS to put a problem up next to Slant Eyes on the giant face. Hirsch? Stetzer? Ross? 🙂

FA: Brent Kertzman


Parallel Universe  V2**

Fun and a must do if you are into crack climbing. The crack climbing is not what you would think.  Expect exposure and a true highball feeling both make this a worthy problem to do!

FA: Brent Kertzman

Parallel Dimension  V2**

Works the obvious crack to the right of Parallel Universe (V2).

FA: John Anderson


When Worlds Collide V4/5**

Start in a crack/ seam and work up to the bulge. Pull onto the bulge on small holds. (Crux) and committing finish on slab like climbing. Never climbed this but watching John Andersen do it was quite scary!  Don’t fall…. or Worlds will collide er your body will collide with the Earth.

FA: John Andersen