Almost There Boulders


To access The Almost There Boulders park at the wrinkled rock campground parking area. Follow the climbers trail that leaves the parking lot. When you come to your first left in the trail take this. Note: You should follow along a wood fence on your right. Take this to the end of the short fence and hang a right and go down the man made stone stairs. Follow the trail as it skirts a short sport climb formation on your left. Continue heading South following the trail having the rock formations to your left. At the end of the formations you will wrap around the corner and begin heading in a easternly direction. As your come around the corner you should notice a obvious Arete jutting out of the wall. This problem is Bueno V9****. Follow the path down the short natural spring section. You will follow this for a few minutes until you reach a major intersection. The Path Running North to South is the old Camp Judson Road. At the Intersection take a right and follow the trail as it wraps around a rock formation. Once around this short bend the valley should open up quite a bit. To your right you should see the huge rock jumble that is Wayward Valley. Continue on the dirt trail heading East for another 5 minutes or so. You can also look for Markers that mark the Mount Baldy Trail. Eventually, The trail will start to go North and start ascending Mount Baldy very slowly. After ascending for a few minutes you should be at the Almost There Boulders. A great way to know you are there is look for a Balancing rock that sits on top of another rock in the ground. This is where you would turn to look left ( North) and see the Almost There Boulders. See Topo for more details.

Mount Baldy Overview: