Amish Boulder

The Amish Boulder

The Amish Boulder is directly behind the Calm Gully towards North Nostril Cave. If you were on Isosceles Lookalike this block would be to your left (north) and can be seen from here. The Amish Boulder is a small short boulder that looks easier than it is.



Amish Power V6/7**

SDS on the left side of the boulder Work out to the apex of the boulder and mantle on small scrubbed white crystals.  Once sandbagged? 🙂 The official grade now is V6/7.

First Ascent: Greg Parker 


Amish Arete V0*

Starts low on the opposite side of the boulder on the other arete. Works a series of good holds to the apex and mantle over. Fun if you are bored and looking for some heel hooking practice.