Jaba Boulder


The Jaba boulder is easily identified by the bullet yellowish rock and the seam that splits it. It Is located directly across from Jumper V4.  It is in the upper portion of the gully in what is known as the Calm Gully. When entering this gully you will pass by the two large main boulders that comprise the Calm gully. Jaba sits at the top of this gully to the left. Its the only established boulder on the left hand side.



Jaba V4****

This mega classic is a must do for anyone visiting Mount Baldy.  SDS in the seam and feet smeared on the face. Work a few moves up the seam leaning outward and smearing feet up as you go. You will want to throw you left hand out to the corner hold. Here you can adjust feet higher into a good perch or you could just campus the rest of the problem. Your right hand will be going for a large white crystal jug hold.

First Ascent: Greg Parker