Seul Avec Dieu Boulder

Seul Avec Dieu ( Alone With God) Boulder


Seul Avec Dieu ( Alone With God) Boulder is one of the most climbed boulders in the Mount Baldy vicinity. Expect great flat landings and high quality rock. Originally the highest grade problem was on this boulder. The Prow V10 is still a modern testpiece work up the ever so blank arête. Two-three holds in 15 feet! This boulder was first found and cleaned by local Larry Schaffer in the early 90s. Larry was the one that had the vision and cleaned what would become the namesake problem Seul Avec Dieu. Larry showed another local climber Dave Asscherick who ended up sending this classic line and giving it the name we know it as today.  Great boulder for the climber in the V5 and up range. Development has been as recent as 2014 thanks to a new V7 addition by local Chris Hirsch. To Access this boulder hike towards Hydra Crack boulder. From here skirt the Western aspect of the huge block following the trail. As you come over the crest of the hill you will descend briefly. The trail brings you directly to this boulder. To the West is Orange Roughy Boulder.





Irreducibly Complex  V7**

A problem that doesn’t look like much or very hard. You will quickly learn how stout this little problem really is.  Expect to get shut down that’s what this problem is known for. In fact in 8 years I personally have never seen an ascent. I know people have done it but I have personally never witnessed one. I have witnessed a ton of people getting shut down and walking away very upset with this problem. 🙂

First Ascent: David Asscherick



The Prow  V10****

Prepare for hard smears and horrible sidepull slopers. This problem was once the hardest graded problem at Mount Baldy. A stunning line that attracts anyone walking beneath it. Two-three holds in 15 feet is all you really get. Keep tension and a smooth hand for this modern testpiece!

First Ascent: Greg Parker


Seul Avec Dieu  V7****

Great problem and the namesake of the boulder. This was the original line on this block and a damn good one! Finese your way up small crimps and balancy feet. Crux comes towards the top. Balance and hit all the holds just right. Some say condition dependent I will agree certain temps help make this feel reasonable.

First Ascent: Dave Asscherick



4 on 6   V5****

4 on 6 is another deceiving problem. For how easy it looks it can get awkward real quick! Follow up the obvious feature and make a high step slowly balancing up to hit the lip and pull over a fun mantle.

First Ascent: Travis Rypkema



The Numbers Game   V7***

Only a few moves for the problem but it packs a punch! The shorter you are the harder this problem will likely be. Work a series of small crimps however you can and make a huge move to a cool “bucket” feature on the top lip.  Mantle and its over. Easy right? This one will also test your balance!

First Ascent: Chris Hirsch



IMG_1186Michael Madsen attempts The Prow V10****