The Apparition Boulder

The Apparition Boulder sits off by itself.  When arriving at Mount Baldy. You will find the trail splits. The trail to the right takes you to the backside problems. The trail to the left takes you to the melon patch boulders. Take the left fork and hike for about 100 yds. Turn left and head west. You should run right into this boulder. If you see corridors going down you have gone too far and have now entered into the Gibson Corridors.


The Apparition  V7**

The Apparition is a fun little problem that sits off on its own. Its a SDS on sharp holds. Move up hitting sharp crimps to the top bigger holds. Colorado climber Chip Phillips named it after a foggy day bouldering at Baldy with Justin Jaeger. I understood when I saw a pictures from that day.

FA: Chip Phillips