The Candy Lands offers fun shorter boulder problems on a mix of granite and schist rock.


The Candylands Boulder

The Candy Lands Boulder is secluded by itself in the woods. It is easy going on the hands and offers fun problems for beginners to intermediate climbers. Climbs are usually short and overhung on Schist rock. When hiking towards Sugar Plum Cave. You will cross a defined path going east to west. If you take a left onto this path and stay on it going down hill to the west. After about 5 minutes of walking you should be able to see a huge boulder off to the left on the side of the hill in the woods. This is the Candylands Boulder.


On The leftside of the biggest overhang that holds the problem Panama. This problem follows a short crack flake feature on the left side. Not very thrilling.



Beautiful problem and a great one to work on your mantling. 2 tiers of overhangs brings you to the lip. Throw up for a decent hold and struggle to get to the top. Mantle is the crux!




To the right of Panama. Is a fun short problem on great holds to again, a fun mantle.



Start on Van Halen and move right however you can following the lip.


Paradise City V3*

This problem is up the hill slightly from the rest of the problems. Likely the only problem on the shorter part facing trail. SDS and make just 2 moves to throw for the lip and mantle.



The Jawbreaker boulder is the only other boulder in the vicinity of the Candylands Boulder. This boulder sits right in front of Panama. Great stone and fun warm ups.



Goes up the Northwest arête. Throw a right foot into the dish around the right corner. Pull up staying on the arête if you bail up at the top too early its like V0. pinch the bread loaf pinch and pull up to hit the top lip holds.



Starts on the opposite face of Jawbreaker. Its the east face. Start and work through the bulge on good holds.
Carl Gostola on fun Unamed V2
Carl Gostola on fun Jawbreaker V2

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