The Quarter Ways



The Quarter Ways are broken into two different sections. You have the Right and Left side of the Valley. This area hosts some of the best warm ups and moderates with a few hidden harder problems as well. The Right side tends to have more problems but the left side shouldn’t be neglected as there are a few worthy problems to go after. To access this area you will want to Follow the trail that leaves the Wrinkled Rock Campground Parking Lot. Following the Climbers trail for a few minutes you will come to your first option to take a left. It should follow along a short wooden fence. After taking a left and following the fence to its end you will hang a right and go down the man made stone stairs. Continue following the path in a southern direction skirting along rock formations on climbers left side. At the end of the formations on your left the trail will skirt around them and begin heading East. Follow the trail down past the natural spring and continue for another few minutes. You will reach a major junction with Camp Judson Road running North to South. Hang a right and follow the trail as it wraps slightly around a corner and continues East. On your right side is Wayward valley rock jumble. Once you are in line with this the valley should open up. Once you past Wayward Valley proper anything on either the right or left side is considered The Quarterways.  See below Topo for directions.