Tennie Shoe Boulder



The Tennie Shoe Boulder is a proud boulder with almost every problem worth doing on it. It gets its name from the first original route put up by Bo Fuks back in the mid 2000s. He climbed the ever classic V0+ Tennie Shoe Problem in his Tennie Shoes. To keep in the tradition give it a try without climbing shoes and in Tennie Shoes. I was surprised to find that there was only this problem and the warm up slab problem on its North face. After getting the tour from a group of locals for the guidebook I reached out to verify nothing else had been done. A few developers of the area said they looked at it alot but never got around to finishing them despite being very obvious lines. They also stated that not alot of people go back to the Breezy point boulder because there wasn’t a good map or description of the area until around 2010 when information began to surface.





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   1.) Tennie Shoe Slab V2***

This is a fun warm up that should not be passed up if visiting this boulder. Its a nice slab problem that you really have to trust your feet. Holds for your hands right where you need them and not where you want them. Work up to the mantle above.

FA: Bo Fuks mid 2000s


  2.) Tennie Shoe Arete ( NW Arete) V5****

SDS and move up on good but powerful holds. Left hand eventually will use the arete and the right hand has a few options for good holds. Your right hand should reach a good jug hold and you should get high feet and slowly lift yourself up using your left hand on the arete to counter balance. Hit the sloper like hold on top and prepare for a good mantle as the holds run out quick on top. Originally thought to be V7 project.

FA: Michael Madsen 2013


 3. Lace Up

Lace up SDS starts the same as problem #2 but cuts up slanting right up across the boulder to finish close to the top of the Tennie Shoe Route V0. Look for the obvious holds that go slanting up right.

FA: Bo Fuks mid 2000s


This classic easy warm up is the namesake route of the boulder. It was also the first route done back around Scenic point. On the right side of the boulder locate the jug horn. The route moves off this and follows a series of jugs for 2-3 moves to the top. It was originally done in Tennie Shoes and seems to be how people enjoy doing this problem. A must if you are in the area!

FA: Bo Fuks mid 2000s

5. Tennie Shoe Traverse V5****

SDS on the Tennie Shoe Routes Jug hold on the furthest right side of boulder when facing it directly on. Traverse left using good holds and having to slightly drop down mid way across the face only to go back up a hold. You should end on the good jug hold mid way up of Route #2 The NW Arete V5. From here finish out the last couple of moves for The NW Arete. Presently the most done problem on this boulder. Has seen quite a few ascents with most enjoying this longer traverse problem. I imagine the taller you are the easier it will feel. Shorter people have stated it feels V5 taller climbers have stated solid V4.

FA: Michael Madsen 2015