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When the summer heat comes to the Hills it can make for a miserable day on the rock. The American Outlaw boulders can offer everything the overheated climber is looking for on those scorching hot days.  This area offers great problems on great stone. The climbing is roadside and offers nice shade and the usual slight breeze in the summer months.


Head East out of the town of Custer for 3 miles. When Calamity Peak ( Granite dome with tons of rock around it) comes into view on your left look for the road sign American Center Road. Take a left off Hwy 16a onto the gravel road American Center Road. Follow this for another 2 miles until you see the sign for Outlaw Ranch Bible Camp on your right. Park here behind the sign seems to be the best as there is a small pullout. The boulders are right to your left problems face away from the road.