THE CHICKEN POX BOULDER is a unique find. Not only does it feature one of kind “pox” features it is also overhanging and pumpy as hell. Think North Nostril cave from Mount Baldy on Steroids.  Expect great problems on great rock in a beautifully landscaped destination.

DIRECTIONS: Head out of Custer on Hwy 16a heading East. You will see Calamity Peak on your left ( Huge Granite Dome). Take a left onto the gravel road American Center Road. Follow this road for about 3-4 miles. You will pass by the American Outlaw Boulders and about a quarter mile pass them you will see a road on your left called, ” Rocky Road.” Take a left here. Drive a few feet until you see a pull out for the slash pile (2016). Park here and head down the hill going VERY slightly to the East. The boulder is in the vicinity of the “V” that is created by the Junction of American Center Road and by Rocky Road.







The Chicken Pox Boulder Overview: