Beautiful boulder that doesn’t look like much in pictures. I assure you in person this block is ideal for a hot summer day. It sits in the shade and right next to a small creek.


1.) THE HOUND V5***  Start the same as for TEPIDUS but move out right after the 2nd hold following good sharp in cuts to the top.

First Ascent: Luke Kretchmar 2016


2.) TEPIDUS V6**** Beautiful line that involves different beta for different people. Work up on the crimps throwing out right. Quickly bump your right up to the next incut and make a big throw to a good scrubbed jug hold above. Finish on step but good holds.

First Ascent: Michael Madsen / Luke Kretchmar 2016


3.) V3*** Starts on obvious holds and moves up the same line as Problem #4. Then once you throw for the big jug hold. Move out left and mantle.

First Ascent: Luke Kretchmar


4.) V3*** Starts on same holds as Problem #3 only once on the good jug up high move up and right finish slightly right. This was the first problem that was established on this block.

First Ascent: Heath Lille and Luke Kretchmar 2015


5.) SWAMP TRAVERSE V6****– Great Pumpy problem that is full value. If you can make it through the traverse enter into TEPIDUS and really fight the pump to the top.

First Ascent: Luke Kretchmar 2016