The Overly Hung Boulder

The Overly Hung Boulder is likely the most known boulder at Iron Mountain Proper. Its location and quality won’t let you down. If you have little time here definitely check this boulder out!


Knife in a Gun Fight   V8****

Start low and work up small crimps in a seam. Throw up to a decent hold and from here take a rest and gather thought. Get feet established and throw up to a side pull feature or just dyno for it your choice I have witnessed both ways. This problem is likely the most known for Iron Mountain due to its footage of the ” FA” in Friction Addiction. In the movie Colorado Local Chuck Fryberger climbs this problem and claimed a FA. Years later it would be found that local Black Hills climbers had known about this line and even climbed this line prior. The most accurate information would indicate that Local Christian Baird got the real FA. Either way just a bit of history. This should be a must for anyone climbing here. Even if you can’t climb V8 its a good project to work!

FA:Christian Baird / Chuck Fryberger


Plow King ( Lewis Brothers)   V7***

Originally a warm up. Holds got worst over the past few years. Recently it was re-cleaned and made into a beautiful route. It climbs exactly how it should have in the first place now. Local Jason Mcnabb gave it the newer name Plow King which has stuck. Another problem to either do or project!

FA: Mike and Rusty Lewis


Don’t Crowd The Plow   V8****

Amazing obvious extension! Climb Plow King to its end only continue up the angled edge to its top. Harder than it looks! I first looked at this with another local and I remember telling him in a day or two I would be back I think It would be a stellar addition. A few days later I found out that Local strong man Chris Hirsch climbed it. I was so excited that I wasn’t the only one that thought it would be a great line. Its as good as it looks! Props to Hirsch on cleaning and sending this proud line.

FA: Chris Hirsch