The Don Juan Boulder aka Mood Swings Boulder is located in close proximity to the road and offers a couple of problems including one hard problem Mood Swings V10. Larry Schafer was the first to look at this block. He originally cleaned and envisioned Mood Swings. Along this time the ” bolting wars” were heating up around the Needles. Around what is right and what is wrong for bolting ethics. A certain climber who will not be named but is no longer with us (RIP former Needler) and local Brent Kertzman went over to the block to check out Larrys new project. All the good holds were chipped off and thought to be unable to climb. Somewhere along the lines rumors pointed to Brent who didn’t have any doings with the chipping. It wasn’t until the mid 2000s that traveling strong men tackled Mood Swings.


Mood Swings V10*** 

Sit start on the right side of the block. Work a move up and then into the horizontal seam. Follow the seam how ever you can. Top out around a flake.

First Ascent: Pi from Minnesota


Mood Swings Arete V3****

Sit Start and work up into a good crack offering good    holds up to the tip of the arête.

First Ascent: Justin Jaeger 2003


 Temper Tantrum V5***

 Same as problem 2. Only cuts over underneath the “horn” feature. tops out on the opposite side. Interesting mantle on this one.

First Ascent: Justin Jaeger 2003



Backside of block. Ricey holds. Looks similar to a dirt burglar version of Orange Roughy.

First Ascent: Larry Schaffer


John Andersen climbs Mood Swings Arete V3