We are in the needles so of course there is a ton of rock. Weather you want to rope up on a sport climb, run it out on a needles trad classic or just boulder the needles provides all. As you will see driving through there is tons of potential around every corner.



THE SCAB V7****– Some climbers say 8 but for the most part this “testpiece” will make your finger tips raw.Fighting through the bulge power is another story. John Gill put this problem up one day when he was out looking for wild berries. The photo of Gill on the Scab has become legend. This problem is down hill from the Needles eye and takes about 5 minutes to hike to it. The block has several Gill problems and a few problems done in the 70s by Bob Kamsp and Dennis Horning. Look for the boulder perched on a pedestal. There will be a Gill white arrow on the start. Start low in the overhanging open book. Move up and out through the bulge on small quartz crystals. Make a throw to a quartz ledge. Rest and fire the rest of the upper easier section. Classic and seldom climbed.


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