The Muscle Corner

The muscle corner holds one of the more known traverses in the Rock Maze. The muscle Corner Traverse V5 follows the lip of the small short overhang. Good landing and its on the way to main bouldering area. If you have time give it a try it will test your endurance and muscle strength.


Muscle Corner aka Buckboard Laredos Roof aka Muscle Traverse V5***

This is a long roof traverse (about 20 feet or so) that is very low to the ground. If you fall, you just land in the dirt a foot below. This problem can be done from left to right, but is better right to left. Start at a jug and throw your feet to the right on a giant shelf. From here, monkey your way left until the final hold at the end of the boulder. Fun and necessary heel hooking, and a cool bicep power move at the halfway point.This became much harder when a large foothold shelf broke off years ago.

First Ascent: Dave Larsen 1970


Toes V5

On the far left side of Muscle Corner, in the back of the roof, there is a slanting double handed hold . Start matched on this with a double toe hook on the jug at the lip (the hold one mantles off of on Muscle Corner). Do a big, awkward reach to that hold and finish as for Muscle Corner.

First Ascent: Josh Dreher