Violin/ Slot Machine Boulders

The Violin and Slot Machines Boulders are connected and are right before you come to problems such as Plugged Nickel, Single Carot, Southern Discomfort etc. They are great warm ups and both have a reputation of being some of the best V1 and V2s in the area. Again, These are a must if you are visiting the area and make for good warm ups before moving on a few yards to the main bouldering area.


Violin Boulder

Leaning boulder directly behind the Slot Machine Boulder. Look for the obvious ” Violin” mark on the upper arete section. One of the most climbed V2s behind Southern Discomfort in the area.


Violins V2***

Find this problem by following the directions to the south central bouldering area. Located in the middle of this area is a short boulder with a violin-shaped scar on the rock (light colored rock). This boulder is right of Breaking Point (triangular shaped boulder), but left of Southern Discomfort (overhanging ledges).

First Ascent: Peter Gram


Stradivarius V2*

Variation to the first problem. Not really anything worthy. Would recommend just doing the classic.

First Ascent: Mark Owens 



Slot Machine Boulder

The slot machine boulder holds one warm up problem and possible the most climbed V1 in the Black Hills. Either V0 or V1 this problem is classic due its holds. Usually you don’t even need climbing shoes but it definitely helps. 🙂


Slot Machine V1****

Right of Violins is a block with an obvious horizontal crack. A good easy problem climbs the vertical face. This is the best warm up in the South Central area of the Maze.

First Ascent: Andrew Gram