Break A Leg Boulder

The Break a leg boulder is one of the first boulders in this area. It is with the first cluster of boulders you come to on the approach. It sits a few feet northeast of the Keep’em Cold Boulder.  Passing by the overhanging boulder that is Keep’em Cold you will see a proud triangular boulder that is slightly overhanging. A not so good landing is how this boulder gets its name. Holds a good warm up on the face facing the trail.

break a leg


Break a Leg aka Smoke Break V3

This is one of the first blocks you encounter. It sits right behind Last Call For Alcohol. As far as I know there is one problem up the face and it is a great warm up. Move up on the obvious holds to a fun mantle top.

First Ascent: Jami Coin 2015


Mike Cronin shows the Tour how NOT to Break a leg on Smoke Break V3**