This site was made for a resource for boulders to easily find the problems and areas they are looking for. It is NOT guidebook format or quality to clarify just a simple web page to inspire people to check out the great bouldering we have in the Black Hills.






I remember when I first started climbing not knowing where anything was. I owned the guides and yet everytime I went out to the crag I was lost in a sea of granite. It felt like everything I tried I got shut down on. Mountainproject painted this promised land in my mind. A few years ago I decided the Black Hills needed a bouldering guide so I set out. I hunted down all the information and first ascentionist’s I could. I went full speed into the unknown world!

Fast forward a few years and I decided to also create a database to keep bouldering in the Hills up to date.  So no poor soul will ever have to endure what I had to.  Through the years I met a ton of people that inspired me along the way I climbed through the grades and surprised myself. Today I still find myself in limbo everytime I go out. New areas in plain sight being developed hidden areas that have been unearthed. The Black Hills have a little of everything for the climber / boulderer. Enjoy this paradise it will likely be the most secluded “world class” climbing you will ever get the chance to experience. Please. Enjoy.


Michael Madsen


Black Hills Climbers Coalition

Get to know your Coalition:


Mark Rafferty- President


Photo: Mark Rafferty

Mark has been the president of the BHCC since 2018. He has led many projects to help maintain climbing in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. When he is not working his overnight hospital job and going to school you will find Mark developing new classics in the Needles and Rushmore climbing areas. Mark loves to strike up conversations with local and non local climbers. You will likely run into him climbing and his personality will make you understand why he is the BHCC president.

Matt Scherer- Vice President

You will likely find Matt Scherer developing or climbing hard traditional routes in the Needles. In the winter months he switches his focus onto steep ice climbing and mixed climbing. Matt has been the Vice President of BHCC since 2018. His fun personality and energy makes him a great candidate for the position.


Photo: Matt Scherer

Victoria Haag- Secretary

Jim Slichter- Treasuer


Photo: Black Hills Climbing Guides

Jim has been climbing in the Hills likely before you were born. He has numerous first ascents through out the Black Hills. Jim has been the treasure for many years now. His knowledge on the ethics and history are unmatched. Most new members and donations go through Jim.

Ron Yahne- Member at Large


Photo: Ron Yahne

Ron is a member at large for the BHCC. He has been a member since its start in the early 1990s. We can thank Ron for his hard work and efforts on the BHCC bolt repairs. He has put in more hours than any other local climber. As well as being a member at large Ron has many classic lines at Rushmore and the Sylvan Lake area. In 2018 the Access Fund awarded Ron the Menocal Lifetime Achievement Award .


Jason Mcnabb- Member at Large


Photo: Karl Engebretson

Jason is one of the nicest people you will meet. Always smiling and greeting climbers at the local crags. He has held many positions within the Coalition and was even the President for awhile. Jason now focuses on bolt repairs at the crags we love and climb at. He has numerous first ascents and crushes in all aspects of the sport.