This site was made for a resource for boulders to easily find the problems and areas they are looking for. It is NOT guidebook format or quality to clarify just a simple web page to inspire people to check out the great bouldering we have in the Black Hills.






I remember when I first started climbing not knowing where anything was. I owned the guides and yet everytime I went out to the crag I was lost in a sea of granite. It felt like everything I tried I got shut down on. Mountainproject painted this promised land in my mind. A few years ago I decided the Black Hills needed a bouldering guide so I set out. I hunted down all the information and first ascentionist’s I could. I went full speed into the unknown world!

Fast forward a few years and I decided to also create a database to keep bouldering in the Hills up to date.  So no poor soul will ever have to endure what I had to.  Through the years I met a ton of people that inspired me along the way I climbed through the grades and surprised myself. Today I still find myself in limbo everytime I go out. New areas in plain sight being developed hidden areas that have been unearthed. The Black Hills have a little of everything for the climber / boulderer. Enjoy this paradise it will likely be the most secluded “world class” climbing you will ever get the chance to experience. Please. Enjoy.


Michael Madsen